Take action to protect your access to care.

At Dignity Health, our dedication to providing quality health care to our community spans nearly 130 years. For generations, we have diligently cared for you and your family, and our steadfast commitment remains focused on safeguarding your access to unparalleled health care services you can count on.

Dignity Health continues to work tirelessly on behalf of its patients in hopes of reaching an agreement with BCBSAZ. As a valued patient, we want to ensure we provide factual information and updates throughout our negotiations.

BCBSAZ is the largest commercial health insurance company in Arizona and they cover approximately 40 percent of people with commercial insurance in Arizona. Last year, BCBSAZ covered more than $500 million for needed health care under the agreement with Dignity Health in Maricopa County. When BCBSAZ says that it has offered an increase of $49-million, please know:

  • This covers a period of 2.5 years.
  • BCBSAZ’s proposal represents an annual increase of less than 3 percent, while pandemic-driven medical inflation in AZ – among the highest in the country – has been 7 percent per year over the past 4 years. The rise in costs far surpasses the rates outlined in our previous contract.
  • Our current proposal is less than a 5 percent increase, contrary to reports that Dignity Health is demanding an additional 37 percent.
  • The timeliness and accuracy of BCBSAZ’s payments to Dignity Health have been out of compliance with our agreement for many months.
  • BCBSAZ owes Dignity more than $50-million for claims that are greater than 90 days old.
The Reality

BCBSAZ isn’t doing its part to ensure access to needed health care during these challenging times.

Dignity Health is a not-for-profit, mission-based organization whose only purpose is to care for those in our communities. We reinvest 100 percent of our earnings back into the communities we serve through new or upgraded medical equipment, leading-edge innovations and facilities, charity care for those who need assistance, and community-based programs and services to help underserved populations.

The Challenge

When BCBSAZ doesn’t step up to do its part, it makes it hard for us to do ours. BCBSAZ’s shortfall impacts your care and services.

As your insurance company, BCBSAZ collects premiums from you and your employer to pay for health care services that you need. BCBSAZ is not meeting its obligations in three ways, resulting in:

  • Reduced access for your care and our services due to excessive denials
  • Refusal to reach a new agreement that even comes close to covering the costs of medical inflation
  • Disregard for paying its bills

We need your help.

To help us protect your access to care, contact BCBSAZ and urge them to work on a fair agreement for your health care. To reach BCBSAZ, please call the number on the back of your member ID card.

We believe every patient deserves quality care from their trusted providers. Together, we can work towards safeguarding your health care choices and access. 

Take action today to protect your healthcare access and choice:

Call BCBSAZ at the number on the back of your insurance card and urge them to work with Dignity Health facilities and providers in Maricopa and Pinal Counties on a new agreement.

Talk to your employer’s human resources or benefits team and urge them to contact BCBSAZ.

To learn more, patients can call Dignity Health: